Monday, 19 July 2010

Florence + the Machine, Somerset House....

....Last Thursday Kelly, Lou, John and I went to see Florence + the Machine outside at Somerset House. I love these outdoor gigs - such a beautiful setting, made more wonderful by the type of act you're seeing.

Tonight was no different and we were lucky the evening stayed dry throughout. If I am totally honest, I have never completely warmed to Florence Welch. I have her album, on which are some good songs, very good in fact, but my problem lies with her voice. On record it's not too over powering, but on the occasions I have seen a live performance, (on the telly box), she sounds much too shrieky.

Lou, John & Kelly

It's almost like the song is beyond her. Tonight, that wasn't (quite) the case. She appeared on stage in an all white, ghostly hooded gown, her red locks flickering from beneath. The set was immaculate, running through the best of their debut album and also a couple of new, unreleased tracks that sounded very good too. As the euphoria built around the encore, that's when, (I felt), the shrieking returned.

But such was the fever of the crowd and the dancing to the beat, you couldn't really hear the misplaced vocals. So in the end it didn't matter, or detract from a great gig. I think the smaller, more intimate venue helped her reign in that projection she may feel she has to belt out at larger venues. The restraint made me like her again. I think.

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