Tuesday, 20 July 2010

LoveBox, Saturday....

....A few of us had bought tickets for this a while ago and excitement was building. Largely because Roxy Music, (oh how I made mum & dad jealous!), were headlining the Saturday night. I had never been to the festival before, but others had, claiming it was good fun. I suppose it is subjective - if you like who's playing, then you're in for a treat.

With my only other festival experience coming at Glasto three years ago in cruel wet, muddy weather, this was a sharp contrast. The sun was out and so was a much more hardened crowd, in that an East London festival brought more locals, lads and over make-upped girls, looking to be seen rather than see the music. I tried not to let this put me off, particularly as I was amongst friends and watching bands I expected those very people not to be. Snobby? Yes probably. But I wanted a good time.

In reality I (really) watched three bands. Starting with the Invisible, who I thought were excellent. They have an underlying rhythm which is infectious, whilst they can hit you with punk, prog, indie...whatever. And it works. We then sat and relaxed in the sun as Wild Beasts played, (very well), in the background, before heading over, very excitedly to Yeasayer. I have wanted to see them live for some time, (and have even booked a gig at the Roundhouse in a few months too), and they didn't disappoint. A danceable, intoxicating mix of tribal, pop and indie songs that had the crowd in a frenzy as the sun set overhead. Brilliant.


We all then scurried over to the main stage for the main event. Roxy Music. I have albums, but naturally lean toward the more classic songs. Bryan, Phil, Andy & Paul all looked hugely dapper up on stage, but, (for me), were slow to start. Whilst note perfect and Bryan throwing some shapes the old boy should be proud off, the more slow burning songs were failing to ignite the increasingly impatient crowd.

But that soon changed as the band rolled out the classics - Jealous Guy, Virginia Plain and Love is the Drug to close the set, before returning to encore with Bryan's solo effort, Let's Stick Together and finally, the Strand. In the end it was fantastic, danceable, enjoyable - Bryan making the girls swoon and the boys wish they can look and sound that good in 25 years time! LoveBox is a festival I'm pretty sure I would never return too, but I'm glad I got to see and enjoy who I did.

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