Saturday, 3 July 2010

Soho House Berlin....

....The last evening on our weekend in Berlin was spent here.

We aren't members, but lucked out as a friend of Kelly's writes for the magazine and got us entry.

We went straight to the top floor rooftop and spent the whole evening exclusively there.

I can't therefore speak for the rest of the hotel and facilities, (although I have already heard good things from afar), but we thought it fantastic. Aside from the amazing view, the first thing that struck us was the relative value.

Dinner, served from the rooftop kitchen and open BBQ grill was priced between £9-£18 for a main, whilst cocktails came in at about £6.50. I'm not saying that is cheap - but in a place that is billed as exclusive and with the scene that was set before us, I think it was well worth it.

There is a very small pool up there, almost a token pool really, but in the heat of the evening, people were using it and you can see its appeal. The bar from which the drinks were served, sat in the middle of the floor, covered, as was the kitchen. We chose to sit in seats there, rather than outside in the terrace / sun lounger territory.

Between cocktails I ate tomato gazpacho, vegetable terrine and then a lemon tart. Each dish got better and better. Kelly ate......well, I can't actually remember what she ate, (how selfish!), but I know it was enjoyed. As the sun went down, the candles came out and the moon rose. We didn't move.

The rooftop is certainly a place I would come back too - relaxing, great setting, good value, lovely service.

On the way out we even stopped for a game of table tennis in the foyer. Naturally I won! If you're in Berlin and you fancy a bit of fancy, then go to Soho Haus.

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