Wednesday, 11 August 2010

London Bike Hire Scheme....

....Or the Boris Bikes as I like to call them. Or BB, even, if you like an acronym. Well, whatever, they're here. In London. And have been for about three weeks now.

Despite my devotion to cycling, using my own bike, I immediately signed up to the scheme. I think it's great to initiate more people with cycling for health, congestion, green reasons and more. My plan is to use them as an overspill as it were - if I run to work, I ride one home. Popping somewhere I don't want to leave my bike? Jump on a BB. You get the idea.

And I have used them several times already - my only gripe is that the gearing is incredibly low, meaning you can't really build up good cadence without your legs spinning at a crazy speed. But I think this is part of the design for them to be used casually, (meaning leisurely), over short distances. Hopefully they will introduce them over a broader area too - for example pushing the scheme further East in to Hackney, (which is officially the most cycle friendly Borough in London I'll have you know). In short, a good thing. And a good thing implemented by Boris....and I really didn't think I would ever say that.

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