Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Nike Aqua-sock: A tribute....

....A post I thought I may never make and a strange one at that, but I feel compelled to talk about them. Twelve years ago I went on holiday with the Smith family throughout America. I still remember vividly to this day, the afternoon we walked in to Nike Town in Las Vegas. What, a whole town dedicated to Nike? I was beside myself. I bought a couple of things in there, including these Nike Aquasocks.

They were $30 tops. I took them back to Newcastle and wore them as a fashion shoe the likes of which the Quayside had never seen before, (regrettable, indeed, but at the time these shoes were coveted and complimented by friends). I wore them briefly after I moved to London, but soon realised perhaps they were best used as their name suggests. For water sports and such like. So, due to a total lack of adventurous water sports action over the last ten years, there they have sat, from shelf to shelf, bedroom to bedroom, home to home. Until our trip to Croatia that is.

(spot the Aquasock cameo)

The pebble beaches meant we were advised to wear this exact type of shoe, and boy were they useful. And dare I say, actually still slightly tasteful, no? I really am no hoarder, but I feel pretty pleased with myself that I kept a hold of these after all. I have no idea if they are still in production, mind. And the moral of the story? Go to America with the Smiths.


Anonymous said...

No they dont make them anymore.
I had a pair that I loved & thought were safely packed in storage, but no...i cant find them & a google search (which brought me here,)has thus far been futile. I hate hot feet but detest sandals, these were perfect!

Berker Koççaz said...

I think you had the older version of mine. I used aquasock more than 8 years till it came apart, then I used more :) I kept looking for the same one after I bought it, but I don't like the appearance of newer version, and couldn't find the one I bought. Mine was navy blue. I found and bought very bright blue one then. I still had it, but it doesn't suit every cloth. Still I'm lucky to have it :)