Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fromage a trois....

....Well, it would have been so, had I left Nick, Rich and Liam to their planned French themed evening, drinking the red wine bought during their cycling trip in the summer. Instead it was more quatre fromage, after I gatecrashed somewhat. Richie had bought some incredible meat from favourite, The Ginger Pig and a whole host of cheeses from La Fromagerie.

On the griddle

He and Nick then cooked up a meal fit for kings, whilst Liam and I brought extra wine and condiments for afters.


The steaks were incredible and the St. Emilion wines, one 2008, one 2005, were fantastic. (Either side of which we drank my shop bought, considerably cheaper, French plonk!).


Undaunted by the prospect of more food, after such a feast, we got out the cheese whilst Edith Piaf still filled the airwaves around us.

We, urm, really enjoyed it?!

After retiring to the lounge to rest up, Joss and Cli returned home after celebrating his birthday proper. And a birthday wouldn't be a birthday without Cli's home made Guinness cake. And of course a birthday wouldn't be a birthday if we didn't have some.

So we did.

A great, hearty evening - thank you for an incredible dinner and letting me get away with joining in!

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