Sunday, 31 October 2010


....It seems that this year's was more hotly anticipated and celebrated than others I remember. I am not sure why, but with Hallowe'en falling on a Sunday, the dressing up began as early as Friday on the streets of London.

Kelly and I were invited to a Hammer Horror themed night. But starved of horror films as a kid, I had to research what the potential Hammer options were.....and rather then the more obvious Dracula or Frankenstein, I adopted a more lateral approach. The Snorkel from 1958, (in which the victims are asphyxiated whilst the killer survives by wearing a snorkel), was my choice.

Kelly was a glamorous, runaway victim of The Mummy.


Chris hosted a great night in his fantastic warehouse / studio / flat. I must say though, the theme hadn't been strictly adhered to and I was a little disappointed that my outfit wasn't instantly recognisable to all(!)

Phil, (anon), Chris

Gemma, Nico, Kelly, Branca

A fun night and one that has opened up a whole horror genre that I feel compelled to explore further.

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