Sunday, 10 October 2010

Petersham Nurseries, Richmond....

....Kelly suggested we go to Richmond this weekend, without, I suspect, giving a great deal of thought as to the distance involved. Particularly as we planned to do it by bike. But, on waking up with the sun raging unusually in the mid-October sky, we went through with the 33mile round trip. And it was totally worth it. Our destination, initially, was in fact not Richmond Park, but Petersham Nurseries just down the road.

We had been recommended to stroll around the plants, beautiful garden furniture and homeware, (all entirely unaffordable), but also to eat here.

There are two options, the greenhoused restaurant, (a bit chic for a lazy Sunday afternoon, but looked wonderful), and the al fresco cafe. We did the latter.

Al fresco

It was great - salad, soup and a sarnie followed by good coffee and incredible home baked cakes.


Parsnip cake with maple syrup/clotted cream centre

After a look around, (including a C-list celebrity spot, in Holly Willoughby), we headed up to the park itself.

It is a vast place - reminding me a lot of New York's Central Park - with London's metropolis sprawled as a backdrop to the green expanse. I had been told how deer freely roam here, but was surprised they seemed so at ease with the public nearby, with only a mildly watchful stag, (complete with incredible forked antlers), showing any interest.

We passed through, lapping up the all too brief respite from London City, before heading home in the fading sun. In all, a fantastic suggestion by Kelly, that proved truly enjoyable.

Full reel here:

(By the way, I wanted to trump the earlier C-list spot, with what I consider to be an A-list spot at the start of our journey. Vivienne Westwood at a bus stop, working out her route, in Old Street. Spot!)

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