Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Social Network....

....Kelly and I went to see The Social Network tonight and in line with the critical acclaim it has received to date, we enjoyed it very much.

However, I found it a slow starting film, as the story is set about computer whizz kid Mark Zuckerberg, with his friend Eduardo, and their creation of what we now know as FaceBook. This pedestrian beginning had me twitching slightly, as did some lazy camera effects, showing clearly that in one scene, freezing condensation from the mouths of the actors was computer generated.

But from them on, the film is well shot and the very fact it is based on reality, is fascinating. In fact, I am not certain that the positivity toward the film from all angles, is not simply down to being given an insight in to the making of a $25billion business. For director David Fincher, this was a fairly subdued directorial piece, but classy and convincing all the same. In fact the only scene that noticeably smacked of his touch, was the Henley Regatta scene, where use of soft focus and tightly cropped camera angles, added intensity and beauty to a piece that didn't even necessarily need it!

The cast were all superb, with Jesse Eisenberg entirely convincing as the genius, but fairly unlikable, Zuckerberg and I was also impressed with Justin Timberlake as smooth talking womaniser Sean Parker.

The more I post rationalise the film, the more frightening I find it. The reality of it all, that is. On getting home and writing this up, it has left me feeling both modern, (to live in this technological era), and a machine, (to be a slave to it). I feel I'm looking at my laptop screen in an altogether different way.

A very good and intriguing film, but one that also made me glad I'm not on FaceBook. But, boy, am I in awe of its power. It is insanely powerful.......as is Zuckerberg, and this film only marks the relative embryonic beginnings for both that man, his business and their plausible bid for world domination.

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