Friday, 29 October 2010

Stewart Lee, Vegetable Stew....

....As a belated birthday present to his brother Stevie, Richie treated him, and brought Liam, Doug and I along, to Stewart Lee's 'Vegetable Stew' tour. The gig was at Leicester Square theatre and got underway after some dinner in China Town at Far East restaurant.

Richie, Stevie, Liam, Roy

A few of us had seen Stewart Lee before, at the same venue back in January, but this tour was testing new material ahead of filming for the 2nd series of his 'Comedy Vehicle' on the BBC.

The show was broken in to three parts, named, 'Charity', (90 benefit gigs a year and lots of free crisps) / 'Adrian Chiles', (a face like a Toby jug full of hot piss) / 'The Government', (David Cameron asked me to put on a gig / Gentlemen bombers).

Lee also weaved in a couple of songs, with a particularly memorable ditty mocking Russell Brand's recent wedding. Short of being funny, it reminded me again how much I actually like his singing voice! Lee's subversive comedy, (perhaps more so tonight, on what was press night), has a way of leading you down a garden path. Surreal, rambling fictional stories heading nowhere, until a hook, (or a 'call-back' as he rightly tells us), brings us back in the picture and splits our sides completely.

This second helping of 'Vegetable Stew' will likely be my last, but I cannot recommend him highly enough. If there are still tickets available, go. If not, hang about until early next year when he'll be back in your living room via your telly box.

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Kate said...

I saw him in a tiny venue in Edinburgh this summer, and again last week, he's bloody brilliant he is!