Friday, 22 October 2010

Yeasayer, Roundhouse 21.10.10....

....Kelly and I joined Sarah and Sandra at the Roundhouse for this anticipated gig.

Sarah, Sandra, Kelly, Roy

Having previously seen Yeasayer, outdoor at LoveBox, earlier in the year, I was keen to see if an indoor, more prestigious environment would alter my perspective. It did to an extent, in that I felt their more slow, broody songs really held up, with the vocal arrangements even more startling in their execution. However, the more upbeat numbers around which Yeasayer's reputation has grown, (and where they triumphed outdoor), felt a little bit hollow and subdued. Or maybe we, as a crowd, just weren't on form.

I didn't think it was helped by a lack of stage theatre. For all their well thought, innovative artwork and often bizarre videos, a simple white cloth is all that adorned the stage.

Album artwork for Odd Blood

The lighting was fairly one dimensional too - which is a shame as I've begun to realise the importance of such factors, alongside the live music itself.

The set was quick, interspersed with genuine humbled words from lead man Chris Keating, at playing such a great venue. As the band rolled out for the inevitable encore, they hit us with the magic '2080', but I was hugely disappointed not to hear 'I remember', for me the stand out track on 'Odd Blood'. A good gig, but with room for improvement, from a band I think can be truly special.

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