Tuesday, 19 October 2010

You are the big picture....

....My second advertising post in as many weeks, this time is slightly closer to home. AMV's own 'Big Picture' campaign for Aviva, where the public are encouraged to upload their picture online. The result is to have it projected on to the side of a building in a major international city, or at the very least receive your own unique film showing how it might look. In return Aviva will pay £1 to 'Street to School' for every new picture uploaded, with the aim of reaching a total of £250,000. It's worth getting involved both for the fun, but also the good will - I was obviously attracted to seeing myself on the side of a building, so the following film was the result!

It's an incredible tool, that takes place before our eyes after uploading your image. It is one part of a huge, exciting Global campaign that encourages social interaction from the outset.

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