Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Bill Bailey, Dandelion Mind....

....Tonight I surprised Kelly with an early Christmas present, with tickets to see Bill Bailey at the Wyndham Theatre.

We began the evening with a quick bite to eat at the marvellously unpretentious and hearty eaterie that is Gaby's cafe, in the heart of Leicester Square.

Kel & I were really excited to see Bill Bailey, after becoming fans from his numerous appearances on panel shows like Buzzcocks and QI, alongside brilliant comedies like Black Books. Tonight's performance was along the theme of doubt.......or was it?!.....and allowed Bailey's idiosyncratic comedy to come to the fore.

Bill Bailey's Essential Guide to the Orchestra

He is like a more musically proficient Stewart Lee in terms of his intelligent, surreal, punk-ethic routines. You can sit there and split your sides, or alternatively have a five minute period where you haven't laughed, but remain totally and utterly engaged. The show covered topics from football, to politics, advertising to music and of course doubt.

Apocalyptic rave

Interestingly, Bailey raised a story about his use of Spanish on a trip to Columbia. Kelly and my ears pricked as he continued on about Santa Marta and the Lost City Trek - exactly what we'll be doing come January. If it's good enough for Bill, (even if he was stoned), it's good enough for us. And so was tonight. Rambling, surreal, infectious, musical, intelligent, hysterical comedy genius.

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