Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ian & Susie to dinner....

....Our ongoing dinner parties with Ian & Susie continued as we treated them to a three course banquet a la Roy & Kelly.

Goats cheese, beetroot and pomegranate seed salad, to start

We ate a great meal, whilst (obviously) watching the latest developments in X Factor.

Seated and ready to feed, Susie, Ian & Kel

After a small starter we tucked in too a deep South favourite, (via Nigella), of ham cooked in coca cola.

The ham post coca cola cooking

Coca cola ham, with mustard mash and green beans with almonds & mixed seeds.

Kelly had made a Guinness & chocolate cake for our dessert, which turned out incredibly well.

Finishing touches to the icing

The proof is in the.....

The cake was phenomenal and a great end to the meal, which was, as ever, amongst fantastic company. A great evening, cheers.

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