Monday, 20 December 2010

69 Christmas dinner 2010....

....This year's instalment was with the familiar crowd. The 69ers, in Doug, Liam and I, plus partners in Ross, Kelly and Nick. (The latter reprising last year's role in the absence of an 'official' partner for Liam). After an aperitif in the Slaughtered Lamb, we ate over the road at Giant Robot in Clerkenwell. It is an Italian / American tapas bar, well styled, well staffed and well good in terms of food.

Nick, Doug, Ross, Liam, Kelly.

We loved our sharing dishes, ranging from meat balls and sliders, to cheese boards and seared tuna. After our fill there, we returned to the Lamb, before heading over for a late night digestif at Life bar. (I wouldn't recommend the latter, despite it's late opening hours, purely on the basis of it's customer service, as I was told to, "F*** off bitch", after asking for a half pint to be replaced that had been cleared by an over eager member of staff.) Charming.

We left soon after, but it didn't affect a really fun xmas celebration.

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