Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas 2010....

....A somewhat brief festive period back in Newcastle this year, as I arrived on Christmas Eve afternoon and left with the cockerel crowing on the morning of 27th. Christmas Eve was spent with the Clive and the (extended) family at his house before I met up with Chris for a quick couple of drinks in the Lonsdale.

Christmas Day followed our familiar routine, with Ruth and Andy driving up from Leeds that morning, before heading off to Church. The Brannens joined us at ours afterwards before we left one another for our respective Christmas dinners. Andy and Mum joined forces to great effect as usual, producing a five course extravaganza. Starting with asparagus veloute (soup), we ate scallops with pea puree & bacon, then a main of a three bird roast, (turkey / duck / chicken), before finishing off with cheese and mum's classic roulade.

Marvellous. A bout of Skype calling followed, plus a nap (of course) before heading back down to the Brannens for an evening of drinks and games. A great day, as usual.

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On Boxing Day, after a relaxing morning, we all went for a walk along the snow covered sea front.

Friends Kate & David dropped by, before Clive (and the same extended family), came to spend the evening with us. A usual buffet, games and home-made quiz from Dad made for much fun and laughter. Another really good day.

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I finish writing this before getting some sleep and heading back down to London tomorrow, ahead of Kelly and I flying out of Heathrow the same evening. A month of warmth and adventure awaits us. Woop!

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