Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Jem hits 30 with the Secret Ingredient....

....To celebrate her birthday, Jem gathered everyone in a random lounge in the back end of Stoke Newington. I kid you not. For it is here that the tenant of a shabby council flat has turned his lounge in to a restaurant every Wednesday night.

Feasting on a 10 course taster menu, (of only occasional success), we took over the whole room, brought our own booze and were waited on. It was, we all concurred, one of the oddest experiences of our lives, not least because of the totally unglamorous, (nay, rather unkempt), surroundings and the stray cat that seemed to want to share our dinner with us.

The food got better as the meal went on, but I wouldn't necessarily rush to recommend the experience, despite loving the premise of 'The Secret Ingredient'. Still despite all that, we managed to have a lovely time together in a strangers lounge and we all celebrated with Jem accordingly. Cheers!

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