Sunday, 19 December 2010

Newcastle weekend with Ben....

....I booked tickets a few months ago for Ben and I to go up to Newcastle. Largely because the tickets were such good value, but also to get Ben out of the familiarity of Islington and into the realisation that Newcastle is a wonderful place. Two days later, I suspect he agreed. After arriving late on Friday, we crashed out. On the Saturday we braved the icy chill down on the seafront, our reward being a cuppa and a scone in the ever marvellous Rendezvous cafe. After lunch we went up to town and specifically down on to the Quayside, to take on the river, bridges, Baltic and Sage spectacles.

After a quick pint in a true Geordie boozer, the Crown Posada, we returned home. Later that evening we met with Tom for a few local pints. On the Sunday, the snow had finally hit, but it didn't stop Andrew driving us in to Tynemouth. We visited the market, then walked on to Crusoe's for a warming beverage. After a hearty home made dinner from mum, we made off to the station to catch the train back to London, only to be told it, (and all others), had been cancelled. With neither of us working on the Monday, we decided to retreat back home, stay the night and make our journey the following day. (Which we managed successfully).

Despite that slight hiccup, it was a great weekend - relaxed and a good introduction for Ben. (The Bigg Market will, thankfully, have to wait for another time!)

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