Monday, 7 February 2011

127 hours....

....I had heard the story of Aron Ralston long before this film came out.

A photo Aron Ralston took of himself whilst trapped.

There was such a media frenzy surrounding his survival story from 2003, it made it across the pond. And rightly so - a true feat of strength and character. So, then, I was interested to see quite how Danny Boyle could make a feature film out of such little action.

The film opens in a triple split screen, music pumping bundle of energy.....which quickly comes to represent the adventurous spirit of Ralston and how he views life. But, when the accident happens in Blue John Canyon, (his arm becoming trapped under an immovable bolder), the film descends in to more a social study. Of human character and spirit.

A still of James Franco re-enacting the moment Ralston captured of himself, above.

James Franco, playing Ralston, was excellent - and had to be as the camera was always on him. The monologues in to his handheld camera descended in to hallucinogenic rambles as a lack of food and water took it's toll, and the realisation that the only way out, was cut off his own arm.

And so he does. And we watch - a man, with a blunt blade, cutting himself free using the last dregs of energy he owns. It is incredibly moving to watch. It provokes me to think, would I have done the same? Would you? I hope we need ever find out. Typically, today, Ralston continues to be a climber and mountaineer, has a wife and family and has learnt from his experience - in that, now, he'll always leave a note to say where he is going!

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