Friday, 4 February 2011

Welcome to Romford....

....Kelly told me about this, as a friend of hers, Timothy Foster, directed it. It is a 30minute short documentary film, based around Romford's A1 mini cab service and the nightly passengers they carry. It is hugely engaging - particularly when it could have slipped in to drunken, puking passengers only.

Six-zero and some friendly passengers.

The split screen device allows us to watch how the cab driver interacts with their customers - which vary from first internet dates, post wedding journeys, a forlorn widower and of course, the obligatory snogging couple. Despite cameras being set up in numerous cabs, most of the action is captured from within the car of 'six zero'. The driver, (known only to the viewer as six zero), is able to conduct an almost inquisition of his passengers, managing to do so in an inoffensive way. As a result, guards are let down and real people are captured in natural moments. I found it sweet, funny and shocking in equal measure. Channel 4 describe it here, and you can watch the full episode here. (Which I urge you to do).

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