Friday, 11 March 2011

Animal Kingdom....

....The credits to the film have just rolled. I'm in the house on my own and it's dark and quiet. Believe me, that makes a difference having just watched this.

It's not a horror, (in case that's how I just made it sound), but a tremendous, gripping, psychological, crime drama that is coated in suspense for good measure. My arms are stiff - I can only imagine it is because I was clenching my fists throughout.

An Australian film, directed by David Michod, it portrays a young Joshua Cody, (played by James Frecheville), who's mum has recently died. This leaves 'J' with no alternative but to move in with his extended family and get caught up in the crime, drugs, and death that is their everyday life. And at the head of the family, it is all over seen by a 'Godmother' like figure in Janine Cody, (played by Jacki Weaver).

J and Janine

Whilst it is impossible to take your eyes from the film at any point, it is not owing to gratuitous violence or in your face action. In fact the pace is relatively slow and brooding, but packed with suspense. Wonderfully subtle in it's lighting and magnificently acted throughout, I felt a real affection, (or more correctly disaffection), for many of the cast.

Darren Cody, Craig Cody and Pope

Guy Pearce, playing good cop, Leckie, is typically commendable. His character is tasked with trying to help J out, in what is a torrid situation. For J is, as Leckie's analogy about the animal kingdom goes, a 'weak creature'. One who has only survived through the protection of the 'strong'.

J and Leckie

But these stronger animals are also the ones most attracted to crime, and with that the kingdom of J and Janine, gets shaken up beyond all of their expectations.

Riveting. Go and see it.

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