Sunday, 20 March 2011

Chatsworth Road Market....

....Today we explored the new market, that is held on this street. Only every few months at the moment, it plans to become a fortnightly, then weekly fixture before the year is out. Sights are set on this being the new Broadway Market - which would be no small achievement and based on what we saw today, it certainly has the seeds sown already.


Food, cake and coffee stalls aplenty. Vintage clothing stands, chintz and fruit, veg & cheese stalls. Kelly and I were joined by Harrie, Nick, Aimee and Kenna, for a little wander follwed by coffee and crepes at Creperie Du Monde.

Nick + Crepe = happiness.

I'm looking forward to coming back again, but if nothing else, it further cemented my desire to live in that neck of the watch this space on that one too!

Nick, Harrie, Aimee, Kel, (Kenna out of shot)

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