Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hey Jude....

....I hereby announce the birth of baby boy Jude Ellis Preston at 18.35, Tues March 15th 2011. Weighing a healthy 7lbs 15oz, with both mother and father very well. (And delighted).

Jude Ellis Preston

Grannie & Grandpa, (Margaret & Neil), are beside themselves and you'll find them loitering along the A1(M) on a regular basis to-ing and fro-ing between Leeds and Newcastle. Uncle Roy is happy he has a boy to help learn football. And I have already sold the film rights to Miramax of an epic tail of a young man's rise to football super stardom, led by his innovative Uncle. Release date due 2031.

Similar? A pic Ruth recently found of me?

The newbie, Jude. Proud mum looks on.

Special mention too must go to our, now, Great Nana, who is well chuffed!