Tuesday, 8 March 2011


....With the onset of a post pancake low, Doug, Kel and I decided to watch Howl, a Rob Epstein & Jeffery Friedman film based on Allen Ginsberg and his now infamous poem Howl.

James Franco plays the Beat Generation poet, as the film, from beginning to end, narrates the piece. It is done so through the court proceedings of it's alleged obscenity, a personal interview with the poet himself, his first delivery of the poem to a local crowd and some obtuse, stoner animation.

Each intertwine wonderfully, lucidly and Franco is convincing in his portrayal of Ginsberg.

Peter Orlovsky & Allen Ginsberg / Aaron Tveit & James Franco

I, (perhaps shamefully), did not know any of the content of Howl, but can gladly say that this film has immediately made me want to search it out and study it. Like when I first heard Burroughs, (yes, an audio tape), or read Plath. I think deep down I love poetry, and this is no exception.

By its very nature, the film can be intense, so might not be for all, but it was certainly a hit for Doug and I. And Kelly. Kelly? Are you awake? Oh, never mind. Go and see it.

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