Saturday, 26 March 2011


....Kel & I ducked the anti-cuts march, the England qualifier, the Cricket World Cup and the boat race, to enjoy an afternoon at the cinema. We went to see Richard Ayoade's debut feature, Submarine, after decent critical reviews.

And, well, that was what I thought - decent. It is, ultimately a dark film, of love and relationships, peppered with wonderfully funny moments.

However, I thought that after a bright start, it got a little lost and slow in the middle, before picking up and ending nicely. It's a coming of age film, where through the protagonist, Oliver Tate, (played by Craig Roberts), we witness a tumultuous few weeks in his life where he strives to maintain a relationship with his parents, neighbours, classmates and potential first girlfriend, Jordana, (played by Yasmin Paige).

Oliver & Jordana

It's well acted, warm, sad, darkly comic and runs to music written by Alex Turner, but for me the swampy middle makes it lack real memorability.

Neighbour, Graham, (played by Paddy Considine).

I did like the titles though, (as in the font and how they were set), and I also liked the film format of Prologue / Parts / Epilogue, as though Oliver may have written it himself, (or at least wanted to make it seem that way).

Debut director, Richard Ayoade

In all, a decent debut by Ayoade. Worth a look, but maybe hold on for the DVD.

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