Saturday, 2 April 2011

Jude meets family & friends....

Kelly and I travelled to Leeds today to meet Jude for the first time.

Auntie Kelly gets winding!

After first hello's and cuddles, we went out for a walk at nearby Roundhay Park.

On returning, we relaxed and doted a bit more before Andy cooked up a storm. On Sunday, both mum & dad and James & Theresa arrived to add to the fanfare. Cue more holding and cuddling.

Theresa & James

The men popped to the pub for a gas and the ladies stayed at home to do the same, before we came back for a fantastic pork roast. (Thank you again Andy!)

Dad, Kel and I left on the evening train and mum has stayed on for the week. Nana arrived on Monday, (or should I say Great Nana?!) and so it has been quite a few days for Jude, mum & dad.

Great Nana & Jude

It was wonderful to meet him - a real little character, yet a very placid little boy.

I'm a pretty proud Uncle if I'm honest.

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