Monday, 30 May 2011


....We all sat down to watch this documentary tonight, pop corn and all.

Many people had talked about it, not least Kelly, so I was looking forward to discovering what it was all about.

The film contains entirely real footage, shot over a nine month period, after film maker Ariel Schulman sensed a story unfolding in his brother's, Yaniv, online relationship with a family in Michigan. Everything was not quite as it seemed. It is an absorbing 90 minutes, highlighting both the terrifying power of the internet, but also the deepest of human frailties.

Ultimately it is a rewarding, always intriguing documentary that is on the verge of exploitation on every level. The title of the film comes from an analogy made toward the end, explaining that Catfish are tactically placed in long haul transportation of Cod, to keep them nimble, fresh, on their toes - so they're still tasty on arrival. To me, it is a fitting analogy, relevant to both Yaniv and his online contact - they needed each other just as much, certainly over the course of the nine months documented.

Fascinating. Go and see it.

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Kate said...

You forgot the most important part about the film, and that is that the main guy is really hot.