Monday, 30 May 2011

Dave Gorman's Screen Guild....

....Last night Liam and I went to Hoxton Hall to see the third in a series of comedy nights curated by Dave Gorman.

His 'Screen Guild' is a lovely, intimate event where he comperes, before introducing four lesser known, (to us, but liked by him), acts.

Hoxton Hall

Gorman himself is a very endearing character, an observational comic with a great deal of his material streamed from the internet. Tonight he introduces a new format, (and soon to be tour), involving PowerPoint as an aide. It works.

The acts were similarly good. Ed Gamble opened, whose fruit allergy acronyms stole the show. Next, Morgan & West, 'Victorian Magicians', delighted with their involving, intriguing and great set.

Morgan & West

After the break Tom Wrigglesworth took to the stage and after a shaky start involving a bit too much race and religion, won the crowd over easily. Last on the bill, and the only woman, was Helen Keen. She probably had to work the hardest of everyone, but that didn't stop an assured and funny performance.

Tom Wrigglesworth

All in all, a great night, in a great setting, curated by a man with more strings to his bow than you could imagine.

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