Saturday, 4 June 2011

Birthday aftermath & Bond hits 30....

....I managed to get away without a severe hangover this morning, largely helped by a visit to Hackney Farm with Kel & the Newcastle boys. The full English was well received.

Tucking in

Told you!

After our food we wandered around the farm in the glorious sunshine, before heading on to Broadway Market. Thereafter, the guys, (bar Paul), had to head back to Newcastle.

Happy as pig in shit

Later in the evening, the birthday celebrations continued. Not my own, but Nick Bond's - also his thirtieth.

Mr Bond

He celebrated at Worship Street Whistling Shop, a unique bar mixing 'Victorian squallor with grand Gin Palaces'.

Here we drank sublimely concocted cocktails and ate some excellent food.

Huge rock oysters

Massive pork pie

It was a great evening, a slower, more dignified pace than the frantic nature of mine the night before. And I think that was welcomed by all!

Nick, Bond & Liam

Happy Birthday Nick, welcome to the club!

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