Friday, 3 June 2011

Roy hits 30....

....So, after many posts regarding friends turning thirty, it is finally my turn. And what a day I had. It started with opening cards & presents with Kelly.

[Colombian bought trousers not available for re-sale. Sorry]

I did extraordinarily well. From Kelly I got a beautiful rucksack and a unique 1940s lamp. And there was much more besides - everyone was incredibly generous. And with presents ranging from hand-knit cushions, to rare wines, it seems that turning 30, really does mean, 'growing up'.

Kelly had an additional surprise lined up for me, and as we both had the day off, we cycled further East to a gastropub, The Gun. And what a nice surprise. Neither of us had eaten there before, but only ever heard good things.


We were blessed with an incredibly sunny day, and ate on the adjoining terrace, at the affiliated Portuguese restaurant, A Grelha. Sitting right on the Thames, overlooking the Millennium Dome, we had a fantastic meal of grilled meats & fish, before heading back to The Gun's balcony for dessert and coffee. A perfect birthday lunch.

And the day didn't end there. The birthday celebration proper, took place in the Smithfield Tavern, where friends gathered for what proved to be a boozy, but immensely fun evening.

The night brought out old friends, school friends, work friends, family friends, football friends and new friends. It went on until 2am, when everyone scattered, (and I, drunkenly retired with Kel!).

A fantastic day, a fantastic evening and a fantastic age to be. Thank you to everyone for coming, for cards, presents, drinks that you brought and bought. It's hugely appreciated and flattering and I had an incredible time.

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