Sunday, 26 June 2011

Weekend for movers and shakers, cookers and players....

....A great weekend, just had. It began on Friday night as my football team, Tornados, gathered for a social at Edinburgh Cellars in Newington Green.

It was a particularly important one, as it signalled that we would continue for another season, (my eighth with the club I think), and with it the return of most the original core, that once made us very good. I'm very excited about it all.
On Saturday, Kelly moved in to Goldman Close - the sum of her life to date, amounting to two-thirds of a transit van!

It was a pretty swift, straight forward move and so we have a fourth member of the Goldman Close family - for a month at least, before Liam departs us. Our reward for the move was breakfast at the recently opened, A Little Of What You Fancy, which was really rather nice.

Saturday evening turned, accidentally, in to an incredibly boozy one. It was Harriet's 31st birthday so a few of us gathered at her house, and as the evening wore on, we danced and ultimately, had a mammoth karaoke fest. (Really not becoming of 30 year olds. Tutt, tutt!)

Dancing, before the singing

I over did it somewhat, both musically, (I believe R Kelly was my swan song), and alcohol wise. Which made Sunday all the more of a struggle for Kel and I. Although it was still a great day, beginning early with a visit to Rich, Anne & Clem. We were soon in Clissold Park, on what proved to be the hottest day of the year.


A splash in the paddling pool and a play in the park, then we were off to Gemma & Nico's flat down the road for a BBQ with friends. Their terrace the perfect sun trap.

Nico at the helm

By now, Kel & I were starting to feel the effects of very little sleep, so we headed home, although I still had an hour long footy game to play. Which was tough to say the least. But in all, a really great weekend.

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