Sunday, 17 July 2011


....I thought I'd be reviewing many other films before this one. So I'll not dwell on it too long!

After pretty decent press reviews, I thought it worth a look. Kelly had missed the chance to see it with her girlies, so I was her counterpart for this one.

It certainly did provide many a belly laugh, but seemed to get a little bit lost in itself when trying to touch on more genuine emotional moments. But that was fine - it's a comedy after all. And an enjoyable one. However I thought the inlcusion of some British cast somewhat odd. Although Chris O'Dowd grew on me, despite his odd accent, I thought there was little reason for Matt Lucas' one dimensional, predictable dumbed down Englishman cameo.

But we can put those to one side. It's a giggle - perhaps even more so for boys than girls. But, for sure, you'll both laugh.

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