Sunday, 3 July 2011

Dad, the old Warhorse....

....Mum & Dad were in London this weekend, with his birthday on the Sunday. Ruth & I had bought Dad, (and Mum), tickets to see Warhorse at the New London Theatre. After arriving early on the Saturday we grabbed a quick lunch at Franze & Evans before spending the afternoon roaming around Spitalfields and Brick Lane.

Already over

In the meantime I nipped off to see Richie, (on what was his actual 30th birthday), to give his present, but also see the new house that he & Anne have just completed on.

Knock Knock....

A early dinner followed at local Mai'da, before Mum & Dad went off to the theatre.


As they were leaving for home quite early on the Sunday, we celebrated Dad's birthday with breakfast (for kings) at Albion.

Many happy (edible) returns

Well fed, they departed, leaving Kel & I to relax for the rest of the day. Marvellous.

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