Thursday, 7 July 2011

House Festival....

....I was fortunate enough to be offered a ticket to this along with a couple of work friends. I'm glad I accepted.

The festival, (if you can call it so, such is it spread over one afternoon and evening), is held on the grounds of Chiswick House and is hosted by Soho House. The latter meant that the hospitality was superb - free food and drink...and what food - everything from lobster, to hog roast and cheese boards. That made me very happy.

But aside from the fact it was a grotesquely middle class, media swamped affair, the music line-up wasn't half bad. Plan B and Stereophonics headlined, (after Tiny Tempah and KT Tunstall, amongst others, had played).

The 'Phonics in particular, surprised me as I found myself singing along to their greatest hits, (God, I must be getting old!). And, love him or loathe him, Plan B was entertaining, sang well and showcased the hits.

Plan B

It was a really fun evening, that carried on with a good old dance at High Road House until the small hours. Thank you.

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