Monday, 29 August 2011

Bev, Tan, Mark & Leah in London....

....Kel's mum Bev, partner Tan, brother Mark and niece Leah came to London today. It was a brief but fun day, as we walked to Hackney Farm just after they arrived.

Who farted? Leah, Bev, Mark & Tan decide.

We decided to all get aboard Boris Bikes, to make our way to the South Bank for a stroll. It was a fun cycle, and a much better way to see the City on our way.

Mark leads Leah, Bev & Tan

We wandered the length of the South Bank and passed through the Tate Modern turbine hall, before walking back over to St Pauls and catching a return bike home. After a brief rest bite, we picked ourselves up and off to Stringray Globe Cafe for a pizza dinner, before they all had to leave.

Tan, Bev, Mark, Roy, Kel, Leah

A lovely day, when the weather was in our favour for this long overdue catch up.

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