Sunday, 21 August 2011

Super 8....

....The mix of Spielberg and JJ Abrahams, with a bit of 80s nostalgia, (that this movie apparently oozed, despite being set in 1979), meant Kel and I couldn't resist checking this out.

What we hadn't anticipated, (although with Abrahams at the helm we should have), was the alien angle. It's a mad, aliens, 80s, kids, fantasy, epic, ET-mixed-with-Goonies, children-will-love-it-and-some-adults-will-too adventure.

Unfortunately though, Kel and I aren't mad on aliens. In fact, we hate them. But the kids cast in this film are charming and infectious enough to make us stay with it. We want them to win. We hang on their dialogue.

kids today, eh?

It should just be a fun film. "For all the family". But occasionally it drowns in seriousness, that it needn't. But on the whole, it's a welcome and long overdue return of a genre of film that belonged when I wore pyjamas to bed. Worth a watch. (Particularly if you like aliens).

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Ben Mc said...

i would bet you still were pj's to bed!