Sunday, 14 August 2011

A weekend with Ruth, Andy & Jude....

....Kelly and I got the train up to Leeds this weekend to see Ruth, Andy & Jude. The young boy is already 5 months old, incredibly, and changed so much since we were last here.

After a catch up at home in the morning, Kel & I spent a couple of hours in York City Centre, whilst Ruth & Andy took Jude to a friend's birthday party. That evening Andy cooked us up a great dinner. On the Sunday we relaxed before going to lunch at The General Tarleton, about an hour's drive away.

We were treated to a superb, (and stomach stretching), dinner. On arrival back to the house, there was a brief time for the papers, before Kel & I had to jump back on the train to London. As ever, time flew by too quickly, but we had a lovely time.

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