Saturday, 24 September 2011

People. Pictures. Property. Pizza....

....A busy Saturday this one. With Kel away in Copenhagen for the weekend, I had harboured plans for a busy day of gallery going. Nursing a hang over, it didn't happen. Instead I went and met with Rich, Anne and Clem, and Anne's sister Julia and her boy, Xanti on Hackney Downs.

Clem & Xanti discuss scooter set-ups

We played in the park, (I passed the ball with Xanti in awe as he put his foot through it every time with aplomb), and Clem showed off her tie dye threads. I had to nip off to view a couple of properties - one nice, one not - before meeting back up with them all at a familiar favourite....lunch at Hackney Farm.

Xanti, Julia, Clem, Rich & Anne

The early afternoon was spent relaxing, before Nick & I went to an early evening showing of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. The modern take on the John Le Carre novel, directed by Tomas Alfredson, had received rave reviews. Our expectations were high. And they were met in terms of the superlative cast, and the beautiful cinematography, but ultimately we left disappointed.

I think it was largely our own doing - having never read the book and not knowing the rough plot, we were simply befuddled. Leaving the cinema only with an, "eh?". I'd certainly like to watch it again, to do it and myself the justice the film no doubt deserves.

We decided to go for pizza afterwards, so walked up the road to Pizza East. I love this place and it was Nick's first time, so we sat up at the bar and ate and drank til our hearts were content.

We popped for another drink at Mason & Taylor before heading back to mine for a cheese board, drinks and X Factor repeats. Ha ha. Perfect. (And totally understandable!)

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