Monday, 3 October 2011

Metronomy, Royal Albert Hall....

....We booked these tickets a while ago, thinking October was a distant future. Suddenly, here we are. Metronomy's current album, The English Riviera, is the sole reason why we're here. A beautifully constructed, imagined and realised album of intelligent pop, that has a slight Roxy Music glean to it.

The English Riviera

We grabbed a bite to eat first, at Stick & Bowl on High Street Kensington, then headed along to the gig.

The support act tonight was an added bonus. Django Django provided a brief, but thrilling set - and even more exciting is that a friend Jimmy was up there playing bass.

Django Django, (with Jim furthest right)

(He has latterly told me all he could see was a threatening guy in a Chelsea shirt, not the splendour of the Hall!!)


The Metronomy set started with a quartet of young musicians playing instrumental versions of a couple of their old records. It was a befitting scene, though perhaps they were on stage too long. But that was all forgotten, as the band entered stage right and immediately blew everyone away.


The seating system at The Royal Albert Hall was totally forgotten about a third in to the second song, with everyone on their feet, as Metronomy ripped through records old and new.

Before the party started

Vocally, I don't think they're astounding, but musically, I think they're on top of their game. Kel and I boogied away as the tracks kept coming.

They ended the set with an encore of two songs, Everything Goes My Way and R.A.D.I.O, each of which was met with delight. It was a great set and a great night - yet remarkably I left commenting that it would be their next album that really sets them apart. Watch this space!

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