Sunday, 2 October 2011

Weekend in Newcastle....

....Kel and I came up to Newcastle this weekend for no other reason other than the fact I'd only brought her once before. Another visit was long over due. The early Saturday train rolled us in to town just before 11am and we walked straight over to Tyneside Cinema, where we had booked seats to see Drive, (see previous review).

After the exhilarating film, we caught a snack downstairs before mooching around the shops for bits and pieces. We got back to the house to see mum & dad briefly, before heading back in to town again. This time for dinner with friends.

After a drink in Bacchus, we ate at Dabbawal, a new Indian restaurant that was pretty good. (It's mantra is 'street food' but I couldn't see a great deal of that - it seems they're simply playing on the buzz word(s) of the moment).

Nick, Tom, Roy, Kel, Andrew, Liz

Following dinner we had a couple more drinks in Alvinos and Popolo before heading home. The following morning Kel and I went in to Tynemouth for a walk along the beach, then on to Tynemouth Market.

Shortly after we were picked up by mum & dad and driven to lunch, where we were meeting Ruth, Andy & Jude and Jean & Nige at the Crab & Lobster in Asenby.

Kel (with Jude), Dad, Ruth, Mum, Jean, Nige, Andy

We had a fantastic lunch, in wonderful surroundings - a ceiling laden with hanging puppets and fishing net and a gent's loo with hanging brassieres and pictures of Marylin Monroe! Music too:

We had a brief walk around the grounds afterwards, before heading our separate ways. Kel and I were dropped off at the train station to make our way home. A fantastic weekend had.

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