Sunday, 13 November 2011

Goodbye Goldman + Nick & Aimee hit 31....

....On the same day that Kel & I packed up 69 Goldman Close, Nick & Aimee celebrated their 31st birthday. Doug & Toby assisted moving our gear in to storage, before we got home in time to set out the house, ready for the imminent arrival of guests.

Nick, Richie and I re-create a memorable shot from a late night / early morning in Berlin some years ago.

With the house bare, and only plastic cups and paper plates to use for food and drink, there was more than an air of student party about the send off to No.69. But I wouldn't have had it any other way. It was an early start and therefore an early end, with cabs whisking us off to Platform Bar, where we celebrated Nick & Aimee's joint 31st.

Nick & (half of) Aimee

It was a packed bar, full of friends and it made for a boozy, dancey, fun night. In all, it felt like a pretty epic and certainly tiring day. One step closer to handing over the Goldman Close keys for good. Amen.

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