Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Midnight In Paris....

....There are a lot of elements to this that should make me dislike it. I've fallen out of love with Woody Allen films for a start - a bit worthy, wordy and well, below par of late.

Also, the inclusion of Owen Wilson in the cast rang instant alarm bells. He just a dufus, right? Well, kind of, yes, but it works perfectly for this, amongst a stellar cast.

Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams

The scene is set in Paris, obviously, and Wilson plays Gil, a Hollywood actor chasing a whimsical dream of being a writer, surrounded by the City he loves. His fiance, Inez, played by Rachel McAdams is not au fait with gay Paris - in fact it's evident that they're not quite taken with each other. Gil's fantasy job becomes a fantasy for real, with his midnight strolls through Paris inspiring him in the most unusual ways.

It didn't feel like a typical Allen film, (or a Wilson film for that matter), but I got lost in the fantasy myself - the city, the charm, the whimsy. It certainly wasn't brilliant - the acting not quite as fluid as I suspect Allen would have liked and whilst a charming idea, it was executed a little bit briskly, (the film reached just 90mins), meaning occasionally the time frames felt a little rushed. But it didn't detract too much from the easy watch - particularly if you have a love for the arts, music and gay Paris.

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