Friday, 4 November 2011

One Hundred and Forty Characters....

....It's a real life thing, that directed me toward a social thing, that created a real life thing, that created an exhibition. Something like that. So a photographer, Chris Floyd, (or @ChrisFloydUK if we're going down that route), came in to work to show me his (photography) book. It was very nice. So was he. He mentioned this One Hundred and Forty Characters thing, I nodded along, understood. So I followed him on Twitter, and watched the project evolve from afar. And now, this is the result. An exhibition of 140 characters that Chris follows, that have become real friends, bridging the social ether.

It's interesting observing and even taking part in conversation on Twitter, then finally meeting those who you follow, or share messages with. And the private view for this show was full of that - people that both knew and didn't really know each other at all. Fascinating. The photography itself, (for we're not just here for the idea and social gathering!), was a homage to Richard Avedon - black & white portraits on flat white backdrops and imagery sometimes splitting across frames. It allowed personality to shine through, making evident the new found relationship between photographer and subject.

One Hundred & Forty Characters from Chris Floyd on Vimeo.

The evening moved on to Giant Robot for food and drinks, where we got another quick chat with Chris, that confirmed his loveliness and also the brilliant, yet simplicity of his idea. Go and see it now at Host Gallery.

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