Monday, 5 December 2011

Weekend at Center Parcs....

Many years ago, Ian with his family and me with mine, made a trip to Center Parcs. We liked it so much, we did it again a year later. Perhaps even a third and final time. Then many years passed, we grew up, Ian married the lovely Susie. I met the marvellous Kelly. We became friends all over again, and so decided to reprise the Center Parcs holiday all over again too. Only this time, with more alcohol, cheese and about the same number of board games and bad jokes. This, it proved, is likely to be the first in many regular jollies.

There was no agenda for the long weekend - simply to get away. Oh, ok, so Ian & I wanted to reminisce about the rapids - THEY GO OUTSIDE - and the cool chalets. Well, it turns out the rapids still go outside, (only now we're bigger, we're not quite as rapid in getting down them), and the chalets....well, they're not cool. In fact I couldn't see a change since the 1990s, but they did a job.

Dinner time!

It was 'Winter Wonderland' whilst we were visiting - that didn't mean a great deal other than some spray snow in places, a firework display on the Sunday and some carols.

It's behind you.

Other than that, we simply went for long walks, went ten-pin bowling, took my Nana out to lunch, as she lives nearby, and drank a little too much every evening.

Dinner with Nana at The Lion, Farnsfield

[full reel]:

In short, it was a fantastic, fun(ny) weekend. Again please. (Only somewhere different this time).

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