Saturday, 10 December 2011

Weekend in Newcastle....

....This was the weekend that Jude was meant to be getting Christened. But with that getting postponed until after Christmas, this simply turned in to a family catch up. Ruth, Andy & Jude still made the trip over, so they collected Kelly and I from the station and took us straight up to Close House, where we met Mum & Dad for lunch.

Eating at No.19
Following that, we popped in to Corbridge and the much loved RE: shop. (Kel & I will have to wait until we're in our new house before utilising that shop fully!) In the evening, with mum & dad looking after Jude, it was an opportunity for Ruth & Andy to get out to dinner with Kel and I.
Kel & Ruth
We ate a fantastic Indian meal at Vujon, just off the Quayside. We then walked along to the Malmaison bar for an aperitif cocktail, before retiring for the night. On the Sunday, we decided to stage what would usually be a Boxing Day affair, with the Laing & Wenzel families joining us at Queens Road.

Gathered; in preparation for Dad's annual quiz.
With our Christmas being spent in Leeds this year, we took to Dad's quiz and a sit down meal a little earlier than usual, but the typical fun and banter ensued. A fantastic weekend amongst family and friends as ever.
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