Sunday, 1 January 2012


....The premise for this film interested me from the start - tackling a subject like cancer is always tough, but to do so in what is an enjoyable, emotional, heart warming comedy is another.


Based on a true story, the film sees 27 year old Adam, (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), diagnosed with a cancer giving him a 50% survival rate. His battle to overcome the disease himself and with his best friend Kyle, (Seth Rogan), is warming and funny, (the latter largely inspired by Kyle's need to use humour as a coping mechanism).


Gordon-Levitt is a brilliant lead, stoic in adversity, but when he momentarily unravels at the enormity of his disease, I couldn't help but unravel with him.


I think the film is successful in helping to break the cancer taboo and prove that it needn't be totally bleak whilst doing so. How fair a reflection it is on the disease and its life consequences, I can only speculate, but it's origination as a true story is a good start.


A perfect film for this lazy New Year's Day. And a reminder why I like Gordon-Levitt as an actor so much. Check it out.

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