Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Artist....

....What an utterly irresistible film. The Artist has won many plaudits and even Oscar nominations, since its release. Thankfully this charming, funny and endearing silent film, about the silent movie era in the '20s and '30s, steered clear of novelty. Well clear.

The performances of leads Jean Dujardin, (playing George Valentin) and Berenice Bejo, (playing Peppy Miller), were outstanding. And for me made all the more watchable owing to their (relative) lack of a famous face.

Always important in a silent movie is the score and this original creation from Ludovic Bource was a fitting and fantastic accompaniment. Special mention too must go to Valentin's companion, his dog, who is wonderful as a constant cameo.

The opening 20 minutes is quite honestly the most entertained and captivated I have been by a movie in some time. The storytelling at the heart of the film is sensitively realised and the finale a wonderful one. You'll be smiling throughout I guarantee. You must go and see this.

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