Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Source Code....

....Despite the film appearing nearly a year ago, this is one I've only just succumbed to. I must say, at first glance I was pretty uninspired - Jake Gyllenhaal taking on an action roll, in a Speed-esque romp. But I was totally wrong.

Directed by Duncan Jones, who also chaired Moon, the film is much more sci-fi, much more complex and much more thriller than anything Speed could ever have brought to the table. Jones openly talks about the film being indebted to Alfred HitchcockStrangers On A Train or North by Northwest could indeed be reference points.

Gyllenhaal is an ex-army pilot, Colter Stevens, now being used by the CIA to test their new experiment - Source Code. The Source Code is futurist technology that allows Gyllenhaal to assume the body of a person for the last eight minutes of their life.

In this instance he assumes the body of teacher Sean Fentress, aboard a Chicago-bound train that is about to be the victim of a terrorist attack. By using Source Code, Gyllenhaal can repeatedly attempt to work out who the culprit for the attack is and therefore protect the City from further attacks.

It has more twists and turns, a romantic side even too. It's very good - not as good as some reviewers seem to think, but a different stratosphere to Speed. (Remind me why I'm promoting Speed so much?!) Definitely see this one.

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