Sunday, 31 August 2008

Challenge Cup Final '08....

....Hull v St. Helens in the Rugby League Challenge
Cup Final at Wembley. Another scorching day, similar
to last year and another great match. I'd purchased an
old flat cap off eBay, deciding my allegiance lay with
St.Helens. An unwittingly bad decision as we all sat in
Hull end!

Family values....

....'Lic spent the day with her brother Morgan, her dad
and kids Atl & Xotchil yesterday. I joined for a quick brew
in time to see Atl show his love for fixed gear bikes!

High and mighty....

....'Lic on the Tall Bike built by Max Knight.

The mould and the beautiful....

....Yesterday I had a mould taken so that my new teeth
can be created, ready for insertion in two weeks.
A couple of new pics below and the full teeth review as
a reminder!

Holes in gums ready for new teeth

Mould taken

Teeth review to date:

Friday, 29 August 2008

Newcastle united....

....Alicia and I just had a break in Newcastle, staying in the family
house in Whitley Bay. We took our bikes with us and took advantage
of fair weather and beautiful coastal cycling amongst other things.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Drug cheat....

....It's been three years since I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), an arthritic condition in my back. I've had back pain since I was 17, but it was only as I turned 24 that it became acute. A bad bout of pain culminated, oddly, in a steroid injection in to my eyeball. Since then I have been on numerous drugs all taken orally every day - the only injections were blood tests taken on what were to become regular trips to the hospital. Last week, I finally found out that I was eligible for the anti-TNF drug, Enbrel.

From now on, once a week, I have to inject myself with this drug to help curb the pain caused by AS. I rotate the entry point of the needle between four locations - the top of either thigh and each side of my belly button. This is where there is meant to be the most fat in to which to inject....but the nurse seemed a little concerned that I didn't have much!

Tonight I gave myself my second injection, but crucially, the first by myself - no nurse present. It is a strange sensation as you feel the cold, (refrigerated), Enbrel solution enter the body.....but it is over in a flash. The first week hasn't had startling pain killing effects as yet, but I'm hoping the more injections the better.

Brick Lane and it's surroundings (2)....


....from the past week or so:

Football ankle

Ben's new wheels

Alicia's boxfresh Vans

Skid marks

Posh muslin teabags

Alice is back in town

Lorenzo + photocopier + boredom.....


....The Olympics are nearly over and we've won more medals
than expected - most of which have come in the cycling.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A day at the races....

....Actually, it was a night at the races. The Project Management
Department had a night out and I was pretty much the only
person who won absolutely nothing. Oh Well!

Sunday Social....

....Whilst bored on Sunday, I gave Ed a buzz and we met up for
a random play on our bikes. Only one crash from Ed, but not that
much success on the trick front!

Full frontal....

....Facades in and around Bethnal Green road.

E. Pellici for Grade 2 listed fry up.

For East End Pie & Mash

More party club than Working Mens Club

"Awight babe..." Tailor's extraordinaire

Sunday, 10 August 2008

National Treasure....

....Amazingly, this antique brass National Cash Register
was being thrown out at work. I gave it a new home.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Tim Hill.... a superb illustrator and designer. I have in
the ranks a set of Russian dolls that he painted for
me. They sit on my windowsill and make me smile every
time I open the blind. Look here

Birthday Ed....

....turned 24 yesterday. To celebrate we went for fish & chips
at the Golden Hind, followed by cheap drinks and dirty dances
at Candybox. Drunkeness ensued.

Dr. Strangelove....

....outdoor film screening at Somerset House. I'd not
seen this before and really enjoyed it, but the illumination
of the London skyline with an electrical storm was battling
for my attention! Amazingly, the rain held of throughout.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Rad Richie....

....Richard Ardagh, designer extraordinaire has been
busy lately. He's designed a map for the Tate Modern's
Street Art exhibition, featured recently in Time Out
magazine (31st July–6th August) and also, August sees
the launch of 'My Cup of Tea', a new tea brand which has
a surprising amount of elephants in the branding and
packaging, probably due to his involvement! Lastly, his
Elephant Man poster has been selected as a finalist to
appear in the Chicago International Poster Biennial. Good
work my man! Click the link on the right to view his website,
whilst here are a couple of pics to whet the whistle:

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Walk the line....

....That's better. A great film, good sound and still good sweets.
Tonight Doug, Liam and I went to see Man On Wire, a film
of archive footage and documentary style clips following Frenchman
Philippe Petit and his wire walking feats of genius. It culminated in
'le coup' - walking between the Twin Towers in New York. It was a
breathtaking 90 minutes in the very sense of the word, Petit both
uplifting and inspirational with his enthusiasm and single minded
nature. It seemed, however to end on a rather sad note - once he
fulfilled his dream, it was like he became empty and disillusioned,
removing himself from the friends, colleagues and lovers that had
helped him achieve the ultimate feat.

Pop Star....

....Become one.
Check out Sleeveface, (see right), for more: