Monday, 3 August 2009

The beautiful and the 'Dam....

....Of course I refer to Alicia and I as the beautiful. Hmmm. This weekend I saw 'Lic for the first time since she left for her 6 month internship in Eindhoven. Despite flying in to that city, we made straight for Amsterdam, where Caz had kindly given us her flat for the weekend. Despite the Euro crippling our wallets, we had a great time - basking in very un-Dutch sunshine, gawping at the 'Pink Parade', (it was Gay Pride) and eating & drinking 'til we could no more. A photo slideshow at the bottom of the post, but a few highlights:

'Lic welcomed me in not-so-typical fashion, with a 3d name card. Genius.

Our not-so-trusty map.

Gay Pride in full swing.

2 women. One man. 3 identical Dutch perms. Nice.

'Lic inspects her gruesome burn.

Happy couple.

Ice cream heaven.

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